We offer accounts for individuals and businesses that wants to plan for growth, develop cash-flow, trade global markets, or invest for retirement.

Account Minimums

Prime Account and Self-Directed accounts are designed for individuals and businesses with less than $100,000 US. Clients gain access to GA Research, robust trading platforms, mobile applications, and much more. Learn more.

Wealth Management benefits for individuals and businesses with between $100,00 and $1 million work with a dedicated team of experienced investment professionals, access to professional portfolio managers and money managers, and much more. Learn more.

For individuals with more than $1 million, our Private Wealth Management services include personal attention that helps simplify your wealth’s complexities, and maintain your legacy for you and your family. Learn more

Prime and self-directed accounts—minimum to open: $5,000

Asset Management account—minimum to open: $50,000

Wealth Management—$100,000 to $1,000,000

Private Wealth Management—$1,000,000+

What You Can Expect

When you compare our managed accounts to other firms, one of the first things you will notice is our minimum requirement. While many other investment firms won’t provide professional management of your assets with less than $1 million, our minimum is $100,000. Our own research shows that clients with a minimum of $100,000 tend to need professional management to help them get to the next level of wealth.

When your account is managed, a team of senior-level investment professionals do the work for you. Some of the primary things they focus on include risk analysis, growth opportunities, and preservation of capital. By following a flexible investment philosophy that is designed for your needs, Global Advisers managed accounts can help you reach your investment goals.