About Compass Accounts

We offer 5 different Commodity accounts, each characterized by different strategies that provide investors with exposure to the domestic and global commodity markets.

Benefits of owning Compass Core Accounts include:

  • Exposure

    Provides exposure to a variety of tax-free bonds to potentially reduce risk and expand income across different maturities.

  • Tax-Efficiency

    Low turnover ratios for enhanced tax efficiency.

    Tax-free income at the federal, state, and sometimes local levels.

  • Costs

    Makes investing more affordable – 0.0% expense ratios with low annual management fees and 0.0% 12b-1 or other hidden fees.[1]

    Keeps your costs under control, which can result in greater cost savings and help you build more wealth over time.

    Expense ratios that are lower than mutual funds or ETFs with comparable characteristics.

  • Strategy

    Follows a long-term investment strategy.

    Short and mid-term bonds are rolled over as they mature.

    Provides options for monthly income distribution or re-investment.

  • Diversification

Some commonly asked questions about Compass accounts:

Fees: 0.030%[1]
Minimum: $5,000[2]
Average Risk[3]
Medium High


Yes. The instruments in which you will invest are marketable securities, which almost always fluctuate in value. Even if you have invested in U.S. government bonds, the market value of the underlying bonds changes in response to various external factors, such as changes in interest rates. Stocks and ETFs also change in value, as do all other types of investments.

Yes. All investing involves risk and if you sell during periods when the markets or your investments are lower than your initial purchase price, you could incur a loss. Keep in mind that iCore accounts are designed for long-term investing and if you think you will need access to your funds short-term, you should not invest in iCore or in the stock market in general.

In most cases, you can use iCore in an IRA. You cannot currently use iCore in a 401(k) or other employee retirement plan. When you build your core, you can filter your results to see which iCore accounts you can use in an IRA. Keep in mind that not all iCore accounts may be suitable for your specific tolerance for risk.

Anchor iCore accounts have a minimum investment ranging between $1,000 and  $10,000.

  • Account minimum includes total household assets or single account assets.
  • Minimums include all retirement, business, individual, and trust accounts.
  • Does not include amounts invested on margin.
  • Excludes balances from hedge funds, savings and checking accounts, HSAs, commodities, and metals, including US Spot Gold.
  • iCore accounts do not qualify for margin trading.
  • iCore accounts are managed differently than full-service actively managed accounts in that iCore accounts are rebalanced annually.

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