Account Type vs. Account Structure

Account Type

An account type refers to the name given to an account that indicates its purpose. For example, the account type could be an individual investing account, a retirement account, a custodial account, or an account for your small business, corporation, or non-profit organization.

These types of accounts determine which types of investments can be held in the account, whether the account is taxable, who are the beneficiaries, and who owns the assets.

Account Structure

An account structure refers to various features associated with your account, such as fees or level of account access to research and other services. For instance, you could open a retirement account and structure it under Asset Management or Wealth Management. This means that the assets held in your account are subject to all rules or regulations that apply to individual retirement accounts, and your fees, level of advice, access to research, and other features, are based on your agreement and terms of services with Global Advisers.