Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds

Capital Introduction Program

Accredited investors as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can apply for our Capital Introduction Program (CIP), where we help identify specific hedge funds for which they may be suitable. Contact your investment management team to learn more.

If you are already a CIP client, login below to view funds with the following strategies.

Concentrated Global Moat Strategy
Concentrated global special situations
Concentrated Long w/ Selective Shorting
Concentrated Microcap/Special Situations
Consistent Returns- 90%+ positive months
Deep Value long/short
Delta neutral option strategy
Event Driven, Special Situations Equity
Event-Based Relative Value Long Bias
Focused equity, financial sector
Foreign Exchange Statistical Arbitrage
Fundamental Long / Short Equity
Global Macro
Global multi-asset, multi-strategy.
Hedged Long/Short Volatility Strategy
Index Volatility Fund
Long Bias
Long only
Long only value with low turnover
Long term quality cash flow companies
Long Value Dividend Equities, Options
Long-biased undervalued equities
Long-biased, equity-focused
Long-biased, fundamental, growth
Long-term, value-oriented thematic fund
Long, distressed and high growth
Long/bias, low turnover 75-125% net-long
Long/short but only slightly short.
Long/Short Equity
Long/Short Equity Financial Sector
Long/Short equity with long bias
Long/short microcap & macro
Market Neutral Strategies
Mostly-long, concentrated, value
Multi Strategy
Multi-asset class discount investing
Multi-Strategy Equity Hedge
Options on S&P 500 Index
Primarily Long, strategic short/options
Public equity long/short fund
Quantitative absolute returns strategies
Strategically long/short volatility
Systematic Macro (trendfollowing)
Value investing and special situations

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