What are you doing this summer? Our interns learn by getting involved in real projects, not by standing around and watching.


Planning your next step after college or graduate school? Getting hired by an investment firm is a bit more challenging that many people realize. Having a college degree is often not enough. Empirical evidence indicates a strong correlation between career success and a relevant internship. A Global Advisers internship gives you the opportunity to learn about the finance industry by working with experts. Our interns learn by getting involved in real projects, not by standing around and watching.

Global Advisers internships gives you the opportunity to learn about the finance industry by working with experts. Internships range from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the project and the current needs of the firm. Students can also propose an internship. If approved, you will be working on a project that you are passionate about, and one that is important to the firm’s goals and objectives.

Learn more about Internship Program specifics below. Before you apply, it is strongly recommended that you view the Internship checklist

For which roles does it prepare you? Relationship Management, Investment Management, Wealth Management, Private Wealth Management.
What do I achieve? During your 10-week internship program, you will learn about the investment management industry, contact potential clients, participate in product training, and learn about next steps for becoming an industry professional and earning your series series 65.
How long is the program? 10 weeks
What is required to enter the program? You must have one of the following:

  • Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree.
  • Be in the final year of a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Background check required
What is required to complete the program?
  • Successfully complete all training provided by Global Advisers.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the investment management industry and of GA products and services.
Does Global Advisers hire interns after they complete the program? Yes. Our program is designed to prepare you for the next phase of your investment management career. Once you compelte the internship, you will have in-depth knowledge of how the industry operates, and how we function. You’ll be ready for a career as an associate in investment management at Global Advisers.
How much does the program cost? There is no cost or fees associated with the program.*
Do I need a degree in economics, finance, or business administration? No. While we do require that all candidates have completed (or be in the last year of completing) a 4-year degree from an accredited college or university, we accept any concentration. In fact, our experience tells us that a diverse educational background is often beneficial when dealing with complex issues involving investment management.

*We provide all training materials needed to complete your program. We do not provide any books, study materials, or software that fall outside the scope of the program that you may need to complete the program. We do not provide candidates with computers needed to access online training courses.

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