Students and Graduates

Application Checklist

Before you begin, make sure that you have the following information readily available:

Contact Information Current address, email, telephone number and other relevant contact details.
Education History Current and prior university degrees, experience and dates.
Examination Results Information regarding exams you have taken and your scores.
Cumulative Degree Result Calculate the percentage range that reflects the average marks across all of your subjects taken in the previous academic year. Remember you will be asked to verify this percentage by providing your academic transcripts.
Leadership Experience Inform us of any leadership roles you have held in the past two years.
Motivation for Applying Provide us with information you would typically include in your cover letter in 300 words or less.
Language Skills Information regarding your proficiency of other languages.
CV/Resume A current CV/resume in one of the following formats, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, Text or PDF. Your CV/resume must be under 512KB in size and must not be password protected.
Academic Transcripts Mandatory for some applicants depending on the country of study. Countries include:

  • Austria / Germany / Switzerland – university and high school grade transcripts, letters of reference (Arbeitszeugnisse)
  • Italy – university (including GPA) and high school grade transcripts
  • Portugal / Spain – university grade transcripts (including GPA)
  • Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway) – university grade transcripts
  • Netherlands – university grade transcripts

For China applicants, please additionally submit a summary of your education and experience written in Chinese.

For Australia and New Zealand applicants: It is preferable for you to attach a transcript, even if it is an unofficial one. You will be required to provide an official transcript if you progress through the selection process.