Charitable Equity Opportunities Account Overview and Performance

Account Performance

Charitable Equity Opportunities


The Charitable Equity Opportunities account seeks long-term growth of capital by investing in companies that have demonstrated a high-level of philanthropic behavior. The portfolio manager may utilize specific strategies outline in the data factsheet.

The Charitable Equity Opportunities Account (CEO) seeks better-than-average returns as compared to its benchmark. It is equally committed to providing ongoing charitable contributions to the account owner(s) preferred charity through donations made by the firm. The account spans different industries, sectors, and geographic opportunities, typically of large capitalization company stock and underlying investment-grade corporate bonds.
As the account does not operate as an index fund, but rather, an investment strategy based on the philanthropic activities of its core equity holdings, it should not be viewed as an indexed fund. Nevertheless, it is loosely benchmarked to the S&P 500 Index for comparative purposes only. The account maintains a buy-and-hold strategy, and seeks long-term capital appreciate through growth, and cash-flow through dividends and interest payments. The account does not support margin or options-trading capabilities.
Common benchmarks: S&P 500

3-Year Annualized Time-Weighted Return [1]


Benchmark 3-Year Annualized Return (SP 500) [2]


Risk (Scale 1 to 5) [3]

Average - 3.5

Annual Yield [4]

Average 4.28%

Annual Fee (Scale 0.01 to 2.00%) [5]

Low 0.25%


Core Facts

Asset Class Municipal Bond
Sub-Class Muni
Expense Ratio [6] 0.0%
Minimum investment [7] $10,000 US
Account number 112
Account manager Galleon Wealth Management
Region North America
Market Developed

Account Management Fees [8]

Account AssetsAnnual Fee

Top 10 Holdings

Bank of AmericaBAC
Bristol-Myers SquibbBMY
Cisco SystemsCSCO
Eli Lilly and CompanyLLY
General MillsGIS



The risk rating is based on the account’s past performance as compared to mutual funds and/or ETFs within the same category. It represents a starting point from which investors evaluate if the core makes sense for their own risk tolerance, suitability, goals and objectives. It is not a buy or sell recommendation.

CEO Account

S&P 500

Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index

Account Value (US)Our Donation
>$1,000,000$2,500 + 10% of fee


Strategy Income
Style Active
Objectives Income

Social Investing

Green Portfolio No
Impact Investing Yes
Socially Responsible Yes

Tax and Charitable Information

Donor Qualified No
IRA Suitability Yes

1. Assumes even number of shares purchased at time of account inception. Actual returns may vary depending on date purchased.

2. As of date of account inception.

3. Assumes that 1 equals low risk, while 10 equals extremely high risk.

4. Based on even number of shares purchased at time of account inception. Assumes that companies held in the account declared regular dividends as determined by their board of directions. Neither Global Advisers, nor Galleon Wealth Management assumes any responsibility for that amount of dividends paid. Dividends declared by any company are never guaranteed.

5. Based on industry standards and averages, whereas the average account management fee equals 1.5%. Does not include any commissions or other fees charged by custodian

6. The total annual operating expense paid by the account owner after any fee waiver and/or expense reimbursements that will reduce any operating expenses. This number does not include any fee waiver arrangement or expense reimbursement that may be terminated without agreement of the investment adviser during the one-year period.

7. While there is no minimum amount required to begin investing, accounts that do not meet certain requirements may be charged a monthly maintenance fee by the custodian.

8. Account management fees are charged by the investment adviser for providing regular, ongoing service. It does not include commissions, which may be charged separately by the custodian.