We provide a range of investment management and financial planning services for our clients. These services are delivered through our divisions.

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executive management

Executive Management

The Executive Division manages our media relations, brand marketing, internal and external communications, and government affairs.

human capital management

Human Capital Management

The Division of Human Capital Management works with all employees to address strategic business needs, current trends, and employee relations.

investment management

Investment Management

The Division of Investment Management strives to develop innovative portfolio management strategies for clients that help them achieve specific goals.

legal counsel

Legal Counsel

The Legal Division provides legal and analytical advice that supports and protects the firm’s reputation while allowing for development and growth.

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The Division of Operations partners with all other divisions to manage risk, enable daily transactions, and enhance the firm’s reputation and business interests.

professional services

Professional Services

The Division of Professional Services strives to increase and enhance firm-wide productivity by providing business services to our employees.

Galleon Research

Global Research

The Division of Research takes a top-down approach by looking at macroeconomic conditions, politics, and regulatory issues affecting the financial markets.

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The Division of Technology builds and develops innovative technologies that optimize our client’s experience with the firm, and support our employees.



The Division of Compliance monitors changes in regulatory policy that affects our business interests and shares information with regulators to manage risk.