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What is Core?

When it comes to investing your own money, you shouldn’t have to trade off performance for fees or value for trust. Building a portfolio requires time, patience, and the right strategy. A strong, core position in stocks, bonds, and other types of investments can provide you with a sense of security, satisfaction, and a feeling of stability. But, get it wrong, and you end up with feelings of regret, dissatisfaction, and (worst of all) losing money.

This is why we invented Core accounts, a selection of portfolios representative of the major industries, sectors, and regions within the financial markets built with investors in mind. A strong flexible portfolio begins with a core position of marketable securities such as stocks and bonds. It provides a stable foundation to pursue specific investment goals.

An effective core may differ from one investor to the next, but five principles apply to all: broad exposure, tax efficiency, low fees, long-term perspective, and diversification.

Broad Exposure

Broad exposure

Core investors can gain broad exposure to different types of asset classes such as stocks and bonds. This also includes exposure to both domestic and international stocks, corporate or government bonds, and other types of investment products. Building a portfolio that is exposed broadly to these types of marketable securities can help reduce value fluctuations during periods of extreme volatility. Options include:

  • Domestic or international stocks
  • Corporate or government bonds
  • Commodities and metals

  • Developed, emerging, or frontier markets

Tax Efficiency

Tax efficiency

By reducing the trading frequency, Core accounts, by design, strive to reduce short-term capital gains. This results in keeping more profits in the account, paying less in taxes on the securities held within the portfolio, and increased long-term growth.

  • Core accounts are designed for long-term growth
  • Extremely low turnover ratios
  • Portfolio are rebalanced annually, if needed

Low Fees

Low fees

Lower investment costs keep more of your money working for you. And because all core accounts reinvest dividends, capital gains, and interest, you get more money working for you, compounding annually, and setting you up for more growth or income.

Long-Term Perspective

Long-term perspective

We believe in a long-term approach to investing. History has demonstrated that long-term portfolios tend to perform better as compared to those with short-term goals. Long-term investors often achieve lower capital gains taxes and superior compounding. Core accounts are designed for investors with a long-term perspective who see the value in maintaining a five to ten-year minimum commitment of their investment capital.



The topic of portfolio diversification is not without its opinions. Some investors believe that by purchasing many different stocks or bonds, their portfolios are more capable of weathering volatile economies and market conditions. However, adding too many stocks makes it difficult to manage and track the performance of each. We believe in a correct balance of marketable securities, which includes a mix of stocks, bonds, and other types of securities.

Core account features are based on investor feedback. Things like fees, quality, and management came a close second to trust and relationships. We took all of these into consideration to create accounts that are tax-efficient, diversified, and easy on your wallet.

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Core Overview

Galleon Core (Core) accounts are designed with you in mind. We structure each account based on investor feedback about what is most important to them. Things like fees, product selection, and management came in a close second to trust and relationships. When we created Core, we took all of these factors into consideration to create accounts that are tax-efficient, diversified, and easy on your wallet.

Facts about Core

Core fees range from 0.40% to 0.0% and include annual account balancing, professional management, and the best investing and trading technology available.


Core accounts provide both personal and institutional investors with options to invest broadly in the financial markets and create a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds that covers all industries and sectors.

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