Whatever your investment goals, Core makes it easy to invest, save, and stay the course.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer

Low fee accounts. Professionally designed and managed. Get advice when you need it most.

Low-fee options for investors

If you’re the type of investor who prefers to do things independently, our Core accounts and resources will help you build and maintain a diversified portfolio. We provide extensive resources combined with predesigned accounts that cover all industries and sectors. It gives independent investors a way of developing a long-term asset management strategy and an investment portfolio that is more tax-efficient and diversified.

Lower investment costs keep more of your money working for you

See how we keep your long-term costs down, so you have a better chance of long-term investing success.

*Based on maximum Core accounts management only. Wealth management fees differ. View the full schedule for complete details.

Fees Over Ten Years*

See how much you might pay in fees over the long-term

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Fees over ten years*$

Keys to successful do-it-yourself investing

Establish goals


It’s easier to choose the right account type when you know your goal. Whether you’re saving for retirement or paying for a wedding, we have an account for you.



The right balance of investments gives you a path to reach your goals, with less risk.

Keep costs low


Lowering your investment costs will keep more of your money working for you and gives you a better chance of investing success

Long-term perspective

Stay the course

Establish a long-term perspective and recognize that investing is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires discipline and patience. matter what’s going on in the market.