Managed Philanthropy

What if we told you that altruism is something that needs to be managed?

While altruism is one of the keys to a better world, it requires careful planning and intentionally designed strategies.

Whether philanthropy is your vocation or your avocation, we devote a substantial amount of resources to the service of others whose goal is to affect a positive impact on the world.

What if we told you that altruism is something that needs to be managed?

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The philanthropic community addresses our most basic needs and underwrites the pursuit of our highest ambitions. Our goal is to assist clients in translating their personal values and family legacies into results-oriented, strategic giving programs to help them achieve their philanthropic goals. We aim to provide a broad range of services designed to help the nonprofit organizations that support our community to refine and implement their strategies. We all have an opportunity to make a positive change in the world.


We provide comprehensive management on everything that matters to your philanthropic goals, including analysis of donor-advisor funds, identification of viable charities, and tax-efficient distribution of your donation. There is literally no other way to take care of something as important as your legacy.

To many people, cash is the first (and sometimes the only) type of asset they think of when making a charitable donation. However, donating non-cash assets can have a bigger impact on your tax situation. Determining which types of assets to donate is part of our comprehensive managed philanthropy service. We closely analyze all aspects of your financial situation and make recommendations based on our research. We then provide complete management of the assets and provide support throughout the life of your charitable accounts.

Navigating the regulatory and tax policies can be daunting. We solve this problem by advising donors on the intricacies associated with making charitable donations.

Investment Options
The type of investment vehicle you select is equally important to the management of the assets and which type of assets to donate. We advise on donor-advised funds vs private foundations to help you make the right decision.

Fulfill your philanthropic goals and make an impact on the causes that matter to you.

Begin by learning how easy it is to open an account.

Open an account within 24 hours and get started with an irrevocable contribution of cash, securities, or other non-cash assets. There is no minimum initial contribution and we provide support throughout the process.

Once you contribute cash, securities, or appreciated assets, you’ll receive a current-year tax deduction and potentially minimize capital gains tax. You can make additional contributions at any time to optimize your tax situation.

Charitable accounts are inherently versatile, allowing you to invest in a wide range of investment pools. Global Advisers provides full advisory support, research, and advice on investment options, asset allocation strategies, and investment selection. Based on your personal preferences, you’ll receive acknowledgment for your grants or you can give anonymously.

You can recommend grants online or through the mobile app. There is no minimum annual distribution requirement and you can grant any amount you wish each year.

Determining which types of assets to donate is part of our comprehensive managed philanthropy service. We closely analyze all aspects of your financial situation and make recommendations based on our research.

Cash and non-cash contribution types include:

  • Publicly traded securities
  • IPO stock
  • Restricted stock
  • Privately held business interests
  • Real estate
  • Private equity fund interests
  • Fine art and collectibles
  • Equity compensation awards
  • Cryptocurrency

Each type of non-cash contribution carries different policies and affects your tax situation differently. Our Managed Philanthropy service considers all aspects associated with non-cash contribution types and makes recommendations that are best aligned with your interests and personal financial situation.

Charitable giving is an integral part of the planning process for many clients with substantial wealth.

Seamless and endless
When you make the decision to include charitable giving in your financial plan, the next steps are crucial. You’ll have to determine the best tax-smart strategy for you, understand the benefits of donating cash vs non-cash assets, whether to bunch donations or keep them singular and understand the ins and outs of qualified charitable distributions(QCDs).

If you don’t have a specific charity to which you would like to donate, you will also need to make this determination, and explore how your donations will affect your succession planning and legacy planning.

We provide full support and ongoing advice on these important issues to ensure that your charitable giving is beneficial to all parties.

Quarterly performance reporting

Investment reporting
Donor clients receive quarterly performance reports and analyses, along with recommendations for future contributions. Pool performance results are net of all fees, including an assumed 0.60% annualized administrative fee for charitable services, and do not reflect the reduced administrative fee schedule for accounts with balances over $500,000. Comparative indices are not adjusted for fees which would have resulted in lower returns.

Account fees and minimums

We offer a comprehensive range of investment alternatives to meet a wide variety of goals. Our professionally managed charitable accounts have a minimum investment requirement of $250,000

Average Daily Value
Annualized Administrative Fees
Annualized Management FeesTotal Annualized Fees
First $500,000
0.60% of assets
0.07% of assets
0.67% of assets
Next $500,000
0.30% of assets
0.06% of assets
0.36% of assets
Next $1,500,000
0.20% of assets
0.05% of assets
0.25% of assets
Next $2,500,000
0.15% of assets
0.04% of assets
0.19% of assets
Next $5,000,000
0.13% of assets
0.03% of assets
0.16% of assets
Next $5,000,000
0.12% of assets
0.02% of assets
0.14% of assets
0.10% of assets
0.01% of assets
0.11% of assets

To help in the process of identifying and managing your charitable donations, we maintain, a separate website dedicated to providing non-biased information about third-party donor-advised funds and programs.

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