If you’re operating a successful business, you probably understand the basics for improving your cash flow. Forecasting, evaluating terms, creating a disciplined payment approach, segmenting your customers, supplies and inventory, and making it a companywide priority. Our Cash Flow Enhancement program takes the development of new cash flow to a new level. Through the development and implementation of a specific portfolio of securities and related investment strategies, we help you create additional sources of cash flow that you can use to run your business, or reinvest for enhanced growth.

Your investment manager will work closely with you to learn specific details about your business, how it operates, and your future goals for growth and expansion. We include daily valuation and risk analysis, regular portfolio management, and specific strategies that are designed intentionally to increase your cash flow. Contact us to learn more.

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Galleon Business Investing

Our Business Investing Solutions involves a hand-free managed account with one purpose—to help you achieve long-term business success through investing excess business profits. Once you open and fund an account, your investment manager will work with you to develop a portfolio of securities that is professionally managed based on your goals and objectives.

Galleon Business Planning

Often the dreams of many, owning a business can be rewarding. However, managing your own business takes much more than hard work. You need a plan that addresses the needs of your business throughout every stage. As a business owner, you undoubtedly have specific financial priorities. Protecting your business interests means being prepared for the unexpected. To synchronize your personal and professional goals, we suggest you begin by drafting a one-page business succession plan.