Our single login platform is designed with your needs in mind.  The intuitive platform for managing your account allows you to view your portfolio at-a-glance or manage your account settings.

You can transfer and pay through your account, transfer funds or positions, setup direct deposit, configure Bill Pay and view your transaction history, including your Debit MasterCard®

Your account view provides a summary of your account balances, portfolio performance, market activity, and breaking news. We utilize a combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence and live support to anticipate your needs. You can analyze your portfolio, and measure your portfolio performance with a full allocation breakdown for each account.

You can also consolidate, track, and analyze your finances, combine your account with your other brokerage, checking, savings, annuity, incentive plan, and credit card accounts for a holistic view of your finances. Clients can also quickly generate account activity or performance statements using flex queries to create sophisticated analyses of your account and quickly generate risk, TCA and other reports. In addition, supplemental tax information and reporting is available for your record keeping.

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US citizens living anywhere in the world and US resident aliens may open cash or margin Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

IRA margin accounts allow trading so the account can be fully invested as well as the ability to trade multiple currencies and multiple currency products, but are subject to the following limitations:

  • No cash borrowing (i.e. cannot have a debit balance or short stocks).
  • IRA accounts may be opened in any base currency, but when trading in a non-base currency product, a currency trade must be executed first as you cannot borrow currencies.
  • Withdrawals are permitted only in USD.*
  • No stock or option cross-margining.
  • No currency borrowing.
  • Futures trading in an IRA margin account is subject to substantially higher margin requirements than in a non-IRA margin account. Margin rates in an IRA margin account may meet or exceed three times the overnight futures margin requirement imposed in a non-IRA margin account.

Customers are advised to consult with their adviser and tax specialist for further details on IRA rules and regulations.
Residents of Canada may not open Individual Retirement Accounts.