Helping You Manage the Complex, Multigenerational Challenges of Managing Significant Wealth At Global Advisers, we have extensive experience working with ultra high net worth families who have an extensive range of resources needed to help highly affluent families manage the complex, multigenerational challenges of managing significant wealth.

Our integrated approach to planning includes family issues, wealth transfer, asset protection and location, and business succession planning, with a focus on helping you:

Protect your assets and transfer them efficiently to the next generation and the causes and institutions you support.

Develop strategies that pass down family values as well as family assets.

Access specialized ultra high net worth resources and strategies tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Maintain family unity across generations, focusing on family mission, governance, conflict management and family endowments.

Ease administration burdens by managing some of the most complex aspects of your life.

Manage wealth with a long-term view and an unwavering focus on your family’s interests.

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