Do your children, relatives, or parents rely on your income? Can your spouse survive on his or her current income if you were to die tomorrow? If there is anyone dependent on your income, you need life insurance.

Our Insurance Solutions help you take an accurate assessment of your current and future needs, and helps you plan for “What-If” situations. Whether it’s whole, universal, or term life insurance, we work with you to understand your needs. We then recommend the best policy, regardless of the provider. We do not sell insurance. Rather, we connect you to the best resources after learning more about your, your family, and your specific set of circumstances.

Needs it helps meetIncome replacement during working yearsWealth transfer, income protection and some designs focus on tax-deferred wealth accumulationWealth transfer, preservation and, tax-deferred wealth accumulation
Protection periodDesigned for a specific period (usually a number of years)Flexible; generally, for a lifetimeFor a lifetime
Cost differencesTypically less expensive than permanentGenerally more expensive than termGenerally more expensive than term
PremiumsTypically fixedFlexibleTypically fixed
Proceeds paid to beneficiariesYes, generally income tax-freeYes, generally income tax-freeYes, generally income tax-free
Investment optionsNoNoNo
May help build equityNoYesYes

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Solutions for Individuals and Families

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