Numismatic Advisory

Numismatics involves the study and/or collection of currency, which includes rare gold and silver coins. The rare coin (RC) and ultra-rare coin (URC) market consists of various types of gold and silver coins that meet specific criteria, including rarity, mintage, certification*, authentication, and investment analysis.

While there are literally millions of gold and silver coins, only those that meet strict requirements comprise a good investment opportunity. Global Advisers’ numismatists have over 30 years of professional experience evaluating the RC and URC markets, and helping clients diversify their wealth with investments in rare gold and silver coins.

Numismatic services:

  • analysis of current holdings
  • recommendations and acquisitions of investment-quality certified* coins
  • recommendations for storage and resale
  • regular reporting of current holdings value
  • asset allocation models for current marketable securities and rare coins
  • portfolio rebalancing and recommendations for market timing

Fees for Galleon Flagship Clients

  • Fees: none
  • Services charges: none

*We offer acquisition services for certified coins graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) services only. For clients with raw (ungraded) coins, we arrange for coin grading through one of the coin grading services. Global Advisers, LLC does not rate or certify coins. Global Advisers has no affiliation with PCGS, NGC, or any other coin grading service or broker.

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