What if we told you that altruism is something that needs to be managed? While altruism is one of the keys to a better world, it requires careful planning and intentionally designed strategies. Whether philanthropy is your vocation or your avocation, we devote a substantial amount of time to the service of others with the goal of having a positive impact in the world.

The philanthropic community addresses our most basic needs and underwrites the pursuit of our highest ambitions. Our goal is to assist clients in translating their personal values and family legacies into results-oriented, strategic giving programs to help them achieve their philanthropic goals. We aim to provide a broad range of services designed to help the nonprofit organizations that support our community to refine and implement their strategies. We all have an opportunity to make a positive change in the world.

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Charitable Equity Opportunities Account

The Global Advisers Charitable Equity Opportunities Account (CEO) makes it easy for you to invest in a portfolio of companies that demonstrate a high-level of corporate giving, while also making a donation to your favorite charity—using our money to make the donation, not yours. We donate a percentage of our fees to your favorite charity.

Charitable and Philanthropic Services

Galleon Charitable provide a smart and innovative way for investors to give-back to their community. Investors keep 100% of any capital gains and/or dividends from the account(s), while the donation is funded by the firm. We are deeply committed to solving economic and social issues, and enabling progress worldwide. Our Charitable accounts reflect the firm’s ongoing commitment to philanthropy.