For Institutional clients, we provide an ultra-low-fee platform that includes insights, solutions, and strategies that are intentionally designed to improve your overall efficiency. You gain access to the best trading and research platforms and technologies, innovative research, and a steadfast commitment to our Business Principles. Our goal is to help you achieve a higher level of success through access to a deeply resourced network of investment professionals who take a research-driven approach to uncovering opportunities and risks.

Global Advisers Institutional Services

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Institutional Trading

We give institutional clients the flexibility to execute and/or clear trades on our platform or with numerous third-party brokers.
Institutional services can be blended and added at any time to fit with your institutions changing needs.

Money Management Services

Galleon Money Management provides your clients with personalized service, individualized portfolios, and ongoing management. Utilizing our zero commission, ultra-low-fee iCore Accounts, you give your clients access to over 120 sub-accounts that are professionally managed. Our expertise in portfolio management, combined with extensive technical and research resources allow us to make investment decisions that have a higher probability of success, while allowing you to maintain that all-important relationship with your client.