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Although Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) have not been around very long, their popularity as a tax-efficient, low-fee investment instrument has grown so quickly that it’s become difficult to determine which ETFs make the most sense to you. When your financial adviser or wealth manager talks to you about portfolio strategy, they will discuss ETFs, explain how they operate, and review their risks and potential rewards. We provide our managers with sophisticated professional tools that they use regularly to manage your account.

Some of the options available to ETF investors include the ability to earn extra income on the fully-paid shares of stock held in your account by joining the Stock Yield Enhancement Program. They will employ various trading tools; use our Short Stock Availability Tool (a fully electronic search utility for real-time availability of shortable stocks); work with specialized stock trading tools, including a Accumulate/Distribute algorithm to help achieve best execution on large volume orders and provide quick access and comprehensive order management.

With a professionally managed account that includes ETFs, your investment team will be able to take advantage of short-term fluctuations in the market by trading ETFs just like stocks, and invest in a wide range of equity and bond indices on 28 exchanges in 14 countries, including short ETFs and leveraged ETFs. Your investment manager will talk to you about ETFs, explain how they operate, and review risk and reward case studies.

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