Exchange Traded Funds

Diversify your portfolio with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Use our online ETF/Mutual Fund fee comparison tools to get the lowest fees.

exchange traded funds


  • Take advantage of short-term fluctuations in the market by trading ETFs just like stocks.
  • Invest in a wide range of equity and bond indices on 28 exchanges in 14 countries, including short ETFs and leveraged ETFs.
  • Take advantage of greater liquidity through hands-on trading like a stock.
  • ETFs are supported in options trading and short selling.
  • Enjoy greater transparency through daily reporting of the ETF’s holdings.

ETFs vs Mutual Funds

Benefit ETFs Mutual Funds
Active fund management
Lower expense ratios
Hands-on intraday trading
Financial transparency Portfolio Holding
Reported Daily
Portfolio Holding Reported
Semiannually or Quarterly
Options trading
Stagnant index
Short selling
Time control
Dividends reinvested automatically