Futures & Commodities

Trade futures, commodities and futures options on 35 market centers worldwide.

futures and commodities


  • Commissions as low as USD 0.85 per contract plus exchange and regulatory fees.
  • Our volume tiered pricing structure saves volume traders additional cost, with commission typically within the range of USD 0.25 – 0.85 per contract based on monthly trading volume, plus exchange, regulatory and carrying fees.
  • Take advantage of real-time technical, fundamental and price/risk analysis tools.
  • Use advanced trading tools, including:
    • SpreadTrader, which lets you easily create combo orders and spreads from among 18 predefined strategies, or create your own leg-by-leg positions;
    • ComboTrader, which lets you create unique combination orders manually leg by leg, or create complex combination orders using named strategy templates; and
    • Index Arbitrage Meter, which shows you the extent of the premium (or discount) of the lead month futures price above (or below) its fair future value with respect to the index price.

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