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Business Investing

Our Business Investing Solutions involves a hand-free managed account with one purpose—to help you achieve long-term business success through investing excess business profits. Once you open and fund an account, your investment manager will work with you to develop a portfolio of securities that is professionally managed based on your goals and objectives.

The Galleon Business iCore Account

The Galleon Business iCore account is designed specifically for businesses seeking investment options for their excess capital. The account manager seeks better-than-average returns as compared to its benchmark. It is equally committed to providing ongoing cash flow to the account owner(s). In addition, it provides a viable place for businesses to put extra end-of-year cash as opposed to purchasing equipment or advertising that they may not actually need. The account spans different industries, sectors, and geographic opportunities, typically of large capitalization company stock and underlying investment-grade corporate bonds.

Core Facts

Asset Class Large Blend
Category Multi
Expense Ratio [1] 0.0%
Commissions [2] 0.0%
Fee [3] 0.40%
Minimum investment [4] $10,000 US
Account number G122
Account manager Galleon Wealth Management
Region Global
Market Developed

Global Advisers Investment Services

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Business Retirement Plans

Whether you are self-employed or the owner of a small business, there is a wide range of retirement plans designed to meet your specific needs. All of these retirement plans can help you save money for retirement while potentially providing tax advantages.

SEP IRA & Small Business Plans

High contribution limits plus simple set up and low cost might make this plan work for small businesses with variable cash flows. Our solutions team works with you to help maximize your retirement plan for you and your employees.