Our approach to Investing focuses on the best technologies, research, and people.

Powerful Trading Technologies and Research

It doesn’t matter if you have a managed or prime account, if you’re new to investing, or you’ve been trading for years. Our advanced trading and research platforms help investors and traders with both simple and complex strategies. Learn how our investment strategies and solutions have helped others build profitable portfolios.

Client Access Portal

Check quotes and place trades, see account balances, P&L and key performance metrics, funding, reporting, and more. Click “Ask IBot” to get quotes, place orders, find information and much more. IBot supports both text and speech entry.

Mobile Trading

Easily trade and monitor your account on-the-go from your iOS or Android device (tablet or smartphone).


Find the information you need. Place orders using your own words and phrasing. IBot understands natural-language text commands, and provides immediate results without the need for special syntax or financial jargon. Available on Desktop, Mobile, and Client Access Portal and through our web site search and IBot-powered FAQ browser.

Desktop Trading Power

Platform designed for active advisers who trade multiple products and require power and flexibility. Includes the most advanced algos and trading tools, and offers a library of tool- and asset-based trading layouts for total customization.

WebTrader Pro

Web-based trading platform offers similar functionality as the desktop with a simpler interface, and works behind a firewall.

Global Advisers Investment Services

Interested in our services? Speak with a certified financial professional.


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Factor Portfolios

Factor investing involves targeting specific drivers of return across asset classes focusing on both macroeconomics and style. Investing in factors can …

Research Platforms

We offer several different professional-grade research platforms designed to help you make better decisions about your investment choices and…

Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement goes beyond your future financial needs. Other important factors include your health and well-being, emotional readiness, lifestyle, and personal preferences, all of which require careful planning. Mostly everyone dreams of a comfortable, secure, and meaningful retirement. This requires a stable income stream, less exposure to financial risks, and being prepared for the unexpected. We suggest you begin by envisioning what these factors will look like when you retire.

SEP IRA & Small Business Plans

High contribution limits plus simple set up and low cost might make this plan work for small businesses with variable cash flows. Our solutions team works with you to help maximize your retirement plan for you and your employees.