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Sustainable Investing

Your personal values matter. Does your personal investment account reflect them? Your investment portfolio should make a statement about your social and environmental views.

We offer professionally managed sustainable investing accounts for investors seeking long-term, values-based capital investments.
Global Advisers’ expertise in Sustainability Investing lies far deeper than the level of understanding of which companies might represent a good investment opportunity. We strive to understand the topic at the academic level. Doing so helps us provide more depth and breadth to the level and quality of advice we provide.

The Impact Dashboard helps you track your investments and compare them to values that you have pre-selected in your account.
We use environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores for making investment decisions based on more than just financial factors.
We offer professionally managed ESG & Sustainable Investing Accounts for investors interested in making an impact on the environment while also benefiting financially from their investments. We invest in companies, organizations, and funds with the intention of generating a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. These types of investments make a positive impact by providing the capital needed to address social and/or environmental issues.

The metrics we use when developing our ESG accounts follow strict weightings based on environmental, social, and governance variables.




We apply automated data-driven and objective logic to determine category weight and overall ESG Score.

Category weights are determined by the number of indicators that make up each category as compared to all indicators used in the ESG Score framework. Consequently, categories that contain many issues such as Management (composition, diversity, independence, committees, compensation, etc.) and companies that report more information across these topics will exhibit a higher weighting than categories with fewer issues, such as Human Rights or CSR Strategy.

Each category consists of a different number of measures. The count of measures per category determines the weight of the respective category.

PillarCategoryMetric ScoreCategory WeightPillar Weight
EnvironmentalResource Use1911%32.40%
Human Rights84.50%12.70%
Product Responsibility127%19.70%
CSR Strategy84.50%14.80%

ESG Score

When we create Galleon iCore ESG and Impact Investing accounts we begin by collecting more than 400 ESG metrics from corporate public disclosures.




  • Resource Use (19)

  • Emissions (22)

  • Innovation (20)


  • Workforce (29)

  • Human Rights (8)

  • Community (14)

  • Product Responsibility (12)


  • Management (34)

  • Shareholders (12)

  • CRS Strategy (8)

Key Metrics

Galleon ESG Investing™ allows you to invest your money in a professionally managed account that focuses specifically on companies that exhibit high ESG and meet stringent criteria on six key metrics.


Relevance and scale of products, services, and/or projects


Identifying the desired social or environmental outcomes


Estimating the economic value of those outcomes to society


Adjusting for risks


Estimating terminal value


Calculating the social return:dollars spent ratio

Course of Action

These metrics help us determine a course of action consistent with concerns about scarcity and inequality, and provide a platform through which we construct a portfolio of securities that strives to meet impact investor demand. Ultimately, this provides the information we need when determining which companies to include or exclude.

Galleon ESG and Impact Investing™ accounts allow you to invest in a professionally managed portfolio that focuses specifically on companies that exhibit high ESG scores and meet stringent criteria on key metrics. This helps us determine a course of action consistent with concerns about scarcity and inequality, and provides a platform through which we construct a portfolio of securities that strives to meet impact investor demand.

ESG account availability

Account Name and CategoryAccount
Ratio %
Investment $
ESG Domestic EquityESG0010.05,000Growth, Speculation
ESG Global BondESG0020.05,000Growth, Speculation
ESG Global CommodityESG0030.05,000Growth, Speculation,
Medium High
ESG International EquityESG0040.05,000Growth, Speculation
Medium High
ESG Total MarketESG0050.05,000Growth, Speculation
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