Community Involvement

Global Advisers is committed to helping communities where we do business. The Global Volunteer Program is designed to engage and empower employees to positively impact their communities by supporting the causes they care about most.

The program offers our employees the opportunity to take a voluntary leadership role as a “Volunteer Champion” or “Volunteer Guide.” Employees can request a matching gift for time volunteered at qualified organizations through the Community Giving portal.

Eligible volunteer projects

Volunteer projects are typically to do one of two things:

  • Engage teams of our employees in opportunities to serve their community.
  • Engage individual volunteers through company-recognized initiatives that involve individual commitments of time.

Employees are not compensated for time volunteered, and participation will neither favor nor disadvantage your employment status in any way.

Types of volunteering include:

Company Sponsored: The company identifies a particular project or need that is important to the overall sustainability of our planet. Employees can volunteer for this by contacting their manager. Current Opportunity: Stop Elephant Poaching Campaign.

Group activities: Employees can participate in practical tasks completed by a group of employees, such as sorting, cleaning up, painting, or gardening.

Individual volunteering: Personal time given to an activity, such as mentoring, tutoring, or assisting at an animal shelter.

Volunteer time with eligible organizations is only matched when it is done in your personal time and the work has been completed. Political or Religion volunteering is not eligible to be matched. Employees cannot volunteering in lieu of tuition payments, fees, dues, or subscriptions.

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