Concentrated global moat
Concentrated global special situations
Concentrated long w/ selective shorting
Concentrated microcap/special situations
Consistent returns- 90%+ positive months
Deep value long/short
Delta neutral option strategy
Event-based relative value long bias
Event-driven, special situations equity
Focused equity, financial sector
Foreign exchange statistical arbitrage
Fundamental long / short equity
Global macro
Global multi-asset, multi-strategy.
Hedged long/short volatility
Index volatility fund
Long bias
Long only
Long value dividend equities, options
Long-biased strategy
Long-biased undervalued equities
Long-biased, equity-focused
Long-biased, fundamental, growth
Long-only value with low turnover
Long-term quality cash flow companies
Long-term, value-oriented thematic fund
Long, distressed, and high growth
Long/bias, low turnover 75-125% net-long
Long/short equity
Long/short equity sector-specific
Long/short equity with long bias
Long/short microcap & macro
Long/short volatility
Macro with equity focus
Market neutral
Mostly-long, concentrated, value
Multi-asset class discount investing
Multi-strategy equity hedge
Options on S&P 500 Index
Primarily long, strategic short/options
Public equity long/short fund
Quantitative absolute returns
Systematic macro (trend-following)
Value investing and special situations
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