Our Commissions & Fees

How We Are Compensated

At Global Advisers, we believe it is important for you to understand the costs associated with obtaining investments and services from us. As our client, you benefit from the wide array of services and resources of a global industry leader. Through your Investment Manager, you have access to our firm’s powerful capabilities: world-class equity research, asset management expertise, financial planning and money management tools, and our in-house professionals, including retirement planning, estate and trust service specialists.

How Global Advisers Is Compensated by You

Depending on the types of relationships you establish and the ways you choose to do business with us, Global Advisers may be compensated for the services we provide through asset based fees, and other fees and charges. We are not compensated for commissions or markups.

Investment Advisory

In Global Advisers investment advisory programs, you generally pay an annual fee, charged either quarterly or monthly at the end of the quarter or month, based on the total value of the assets in your account at the end of each time period. Unless otherwise noted, the asset based fee generally covers investment consulting provided by Global Advisers. Certain brokerage services provided by the custodian, Interactive Brokers, LLC, as well as any external or internal investment management fees, may also apply. However, the asset based fee does not cover expenses paid within any mutual funds you may own.

You may select from our comprehensive suite of managed account programs, which are designed for various levels of investment experience and sophistication. Accounts with assets under $2,000 are not charged a management fee, but may incur fees from the custodian and/or mutual fund (if any). Depending upon your account structure, your investment manager may invest in stocks, bonds, money market funds, mutual funds, options, exchange traded funds, cash, and other investment products as indicated in the forms we provide when you open your account. You can establish investment advisory relationships for your retirement or trust accounts in addition to your personal investment accounts. If you select Global Advisers nondiscretionary advisory account (The Global Advisers Prime Account), your Investment Manager will provide limited investment advice, but you will retain decision making authority over the account.

How We Compensate Your Investment Manager

Your Investment Manager’s compensation is based primarily on the fees that you pay us. Different account types have different compensation structures and, accordingly, our Investment Managers get paid more or less depending on the service you choose. In general, the percentage of Global Advisers’ fees we pay to our Investment Managers depends upon the type of account or pricing structure you have established with us. The more Assets Under Management (AUM) an Investment Manager generates, the higher his or her payout rate.

Investment Managers may also receive ongoing compensation (residuals) on some investment products such as mutual funds or annuities.

The Incentive Compensation Grid rate varies and is subject to change. Generally, the Incentive Compensation Grid ranges from 55% to 90%. Essentially, this means that your Investment Manager will receive between 55% and 90% of the total fee that is paid by you to Global Advisers.

In addition to the Incentive Compensation outlined above, your Investment Manager may be eligible for bonuses, based on the total Gross Revenue he or she generates during the year, his or her Length of Service at Global Advisers, and/or his or her client asset level changes. Your Investment Manager may be eligible to receive financial incentives in connection with the transition of his or her employment to Global Advisers. Such incentives may include sign-on bonuses and/or AUM-bonus arrangements or supplemental bonuses, and may be contingent upon your Investment Manager satisfying certain performance-based criteria which may depend on total client assets serviced by the Investment Manager at Global Advisers and/or the revenue they generate. Neither Global Advisers nor your Investment Manager receives any additional portfolio performance compensation.

Other Compensation

Global Advisers and its affiliates may earn compensation in other, more indirect ways with regard to certain of the products you purchase or services you receive. For example, Global Advisers may earn compensation in connection with the provision of investment banking, prime brokerage, institutional brokerage or placement agent services.
In some cases, management fees are negotiable. Commissions set by custodians, fees charged by mutual fund companies, and all other fees are managed by those entities and are not negotiable.

Our Business Principles

We are guided by a set of values and principles that determine our course of action when dealing with clients and the public in general.

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