Cash Management

Businesses have unique financial goals that require strategy, perseverance, and planning.

Growth planning and solutions

Cash Management

Our Asset Management services for businesses provide a low-fee option on predesigned investment portfolios that covers all major industries, sectors, and asset classes.

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Explore cash management services

Your approach to personal finance is one of a kind, and we’d want to help you streamline it. When you work with Galleon Wealth Management, our cash management program may assist you in saving, spending, investing, and protecting your wealth. Saving for college or securing a comfortable retirement income are just two of the many worthy causes that these plans help to bolster.

Among the many features of Galleon Cash Management is the option for increased account security and visibility. Features of particular importance are:

Bill pay

  • Auto-enrollment
  • View transaction history
  • View upcoming transactions
  • Expedite payments
  • Add/edit payees

Transfers/automated clearing house (ACH)

  • Direct deposit information
  • Instantly link bank accounts
  • Initiate external transfer

Debit cards

  • Report lost/stolen
  • Lock/unlock
  • Change PIN (real-time)
  • Manage travel notices
  • Extended ATM network
  • ATM fee reimbursements
  • Initiate internal money movement
  • View transfer history
  • Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Venmo compatibility


  • Mobile check deposit
  • Manage checks
  • Track check orders
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