General Business Investing

For businesses with excess capital, a business investment account allows you to invest in the global financial markets. You can select to manage the account yourself or apply for a professionally managed account.

Growth planning and solutions

General Business Investing

Financial advisors at Galleon Wealth Management are able to give you solid guidance because they have access to the in-depth research and expert opinion of our team of investment experts.

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Explore Business Investing

Galleon Wealth Management analysts perform rigorous research to uncover solutions that are in line with your financial goals and assist you and your adviser make informed investment decisions.

With a client-first philosophy, we provide a personalized approach to investing. We offer integrated analyses of companies, sectors, financial markets, and economies, with a focus on:

  • U.S. Equity research and strategy
  • U.S. Fixed Income Strategies focusing on taxable and tax-exempt portfolio analysis, Fed policy, and interest rates
  • Managed Portfolio Strategies that include portfolio reviews, investment strategy, portfolio construction, product selection, and Core accounts
  • Multi-Asset Portfolios based on Asset Allocation modeling
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