Wealth Protection

Building wealth is challenging. Protecting it is important. We partner with businesses to develop a customized wealth protection plan that manages the risks facing most investors.

Business Protection

Wealth Protection

Get peace of mind knowing that your wealth strategy safeguards your assets, loved ones, and legacy.

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Explore Wealth Protection

It’s natural to have questions about your future and retirement savings, plans, and preparations.

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    Do you worry that you may outlive your financial resources?
  • 2
    How much of a toll would it take monetarily if you became ill or incapacitated and needed extra care?
  • 3
    Just how confident are you in your loved ones’ capacity to make ends meet in the event of your untimely passing?
  • 4
    If there were to be estate taxes, how would your loved ones handle them?

Everyone has their own individual financial objectives and worries. Galleon Wealth Management is here to assist you in developing a unique strategy to deal with any and all of these concerns.

We’ll patiently walk you through our wealth protection options while we address your specific worries, wants, and objectives. These include:

  • Taking care of one’s family
  • Investing tax-deferred earnings to amass wealth
  • Putting your possessions in a safe place
  • Advantages of having many sources of income
  • Plan for the security of your money and legacy with tools like insurance and annuities.

Trust our expertise in insurance and annuities to bolster your financial security. Plan for your care in the future, reduce estate settlement costs and save for retirement tax-free by working with us to create a life insurance strategy.

Planning items like life insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability income insurance may help safeguard your financial future and the future of your loved ones.

Investigate the ways in which insurance and annuities may supplement your income and hedge against market volatility. You may see how they work into your strategy with the help of your financial counselor.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing your finances. In the same way, while plotting out ways to address your worries, this dictum holds true.

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