Trustee Services

Our trustee services help you easily manage and consolidate your assets, prepare for the distribution of your assets after your death, and decide how your assets are invested.

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Trustee Services

If you want to make sure your desires are carried out, your legacy is safeguarded, and your beneficiaries are cared for, you should have your trust maintained and administered. Put your faith in our neutral corporate trust partners who will manage all the necessities and obstacles.

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Explore Our Trustee Services

Trusts are a useful tool for achieving a variety of estate planning and asset transfer objectives, such as securing the financial future of loved ones and charitable donations. Establishing who will manage your trusts both during your lifetime and after you pass away is a crucial step in estate planning.

If you’re a Galleon Wealth Management client, you have access to expert trustees and a range of customizable trust options. Trusts of any size, with any type of assets or investments (including those managed by the best-in-class asset managers, non-proprietary mutual funds, and bespoke portfolios), can be set up and managed by our team of independent professional trustees. Features and benefits include:

  • Flexibility – Trusts can be customized to your specific circumstances.
  • Control and continuity – Trusts are binding legal documents and your instructions must be followed—while you are living, if you become incapacitated and after you die.
  • Privacy – Trusts can help confirm the smooth transition of your assets and the privacy of your affairs.
  • Tax efficiency – Trusts may help you and your beneficiaries avoid or minimize gift taxes, estate taxes or generation-skipping transfer taxes.

Professional Trust Overview

Creating and administering a trust is a complex process that calls for knowledge of trust legislation, administration, and investment management oversight. Our team of trust advisors has over 50 years of expertise and can help you select the best trust structure and answer any queries you may have. Instead of a “trust officer of the day,” we provide dedicated, individualized service.

Hiring a competent trustee has several advantages.

  • 1
    A professional trustee has the education and experience to handle any kind of asset, whether it be a closely held corporation, a piece of real land, a mineral interest, or a partnership.
  • 2
    Family dynamics are often tricky. Your professional trustee will carry out your wishes without bias or biases of their own.
  • 3
    Employing a professional trustee ensures that your trust is managed efficiently and successfully for future generations.

Wealth preservation and transfer

Protecting your assets in the case of incapacity, saving for retirement, and safeguarding your family’s legacy are all problems that may be addressed with the aid of trust and careful preparation.

A trust is a great way to pass on your fortune to future generations. A trust is another tool you may use to leave your money and possessions to the people and causes you care about. Allow us the opportunity to assist you in making the kind of impact you wish to leave behind.

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