Sustainable Investing

Your personal values matter. Does your investment account reflect them? Your investment portfolio should make a statement about your social and environmental views.

Support and Advice

Sustainable Investing

To help present and future generations, Galleon Wealth Management prioritizes helping local communities, valuing diversity, and protecting the environment. We provide a wide variety of options that are in line with your beliefs and financial objectives and can help you make a good social and environmental impact.

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Discover Sustainable Investing Solutions for Business

Increasing numbers of individuals are opting for responsible investment, a method that systematically includes ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria in one’s financial decisions.

We can help you include responsible investing strategies like ESG integration, ESG screening and exclusion, thematic ESG investing, and impact investing into your wealth management plan so that your investments align with your values. This includes:

  • ESG Integration
  • ESG screening and exclusion
  • Impact Investing
  • ESG Core accounts
  • Customized Impact Investing Dashboard

Consistent with conventional financial analysis, ESG considerations are factored in. To better comprehend the possible implications to long-term value, businesses should implement ESG integration, which involves learning about the material aspects that matter most to the organization. These are some examples of ESG considerations:

Threats to the environment include global warming, depletion of natural resources, improper disposal of trash, and a lack of clean water.

Data privacy and security, community relations, government relations, occupational health and safety, human rights, and diversity are all examples of social concerns.

Accounting processes, board structure and responsibility, disclosure procedures, executive remuneration, business ethics, regulatory compliance, and transparency are all examples of governance issues.

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