For businesses seeking stable income and cash flow from their investment capital, fixed income may offer a good solution or possible tax benefits.

Growth planning and solutions


You may be more risk-averse now that you’ve settled on a strategy for retirement planning, retirement living, or business exit. In what ways does each possible investment option fit into your strategy? Do you think tax-free investments may help you?

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Explore Fixed Income Solutions for Businesses

Your financial adviser at Galleon Wealth Management is supported by a team of experts in fixed-income investments. Depending on your needs and objectives, we may offer you a wide range of competitively priced fixed-income products.

Because of the security and potential tax benefits that fixed-income investments may give a portfolio in retirement, they are a popular choice among clients.

Products include:

  • Municipal and corporate bonds
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Treasuries and agencies
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • Preferred stock
  • Structured investments
  • Unit Investment Trusts

The Fixed Income Advantage

Financial advisors at Galleon Wealth Management have direct access to the firm’s fixed-income traders and strategists, to the client’s benefit. Your financial adviser may rely on this group of experts in fixed income to provide daily market and portfolio analysis, portfolio suggestions, and credit evaluations covering the full range of fixed-income products. Thanks to the fixed income team’s frequent reporting on market events and possibilities, your financial adviser will be able to tailor your portfolio to your specific needs.

You may also have access to our investment portfolio analysis tools through your financial adviser. This set of reports outlines your fixed-income holdings, shows you the potential benefits of a move on your portfolio’s overall performance, and predicts how your assets could respond to future interest rate fluctuations.

Retirement planning

It’s common practice for retirees to put their money into fixed-income investments because of the security they provide and the possible tax benefits they provide. Your retirement wealth may be built and protected with the aid of your financial adviser using taxable and municipal fixed-income products.

Galleon Wealth Management’s Fixed Income Solutions ensures that your financial adviser is kept abreast of any adjustments to your fixed income positions. As a result, they may see if your portfolio is still suitable for your needs.

Put our extensive knowledge of fixed income to work for your retirement planning.

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