Corporate and Executive Services

Leverage sophisticated business, corporate, and executive services designed to help achieve your professional and personal financial goals.

Growth planning and solutions

Corporate and Executive Services

If you’re the head of a company or a business owner, you might have to balance your professional duties and the needs of your company’s bottom line with the needs of your own personal finances. Both can be complicated by rules and regulations and difficult to meet.

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Explore Corporate and Executive Services

When it comes to corporate and executive services, we provide a wide variety of high-level advice solutions, as well as long-term wealth planning methods and investment vehicles.

You may tailor your options for anything from exit plans and equity compensation to share programs to suit your specific needs. The experienced team at Galleon Wealth Management can help you make the most of your resources by implementing sophisticated wealth planning methods and keeping you in compliance with all applicable rules and laws.

Succession and exit planning solutions

You can sell your private firm to a family member, present managers, or a third party. We’ll help you plan your company’s eventual departure.

Your exit strategy should take into account not just the financial well-being of your family and the local community, but also the worth of your business, your employees, and your standing in the marketplace.

Equity compensation administration

Make employee ownership easier. When you work with Galleon Wealth Management, you have access to a trading desk staffed by professionals with years of expertise as well as a comprehensive suite of services devoted to the management of your stock strategy in real time.

You may provide your employees with a wide range of choices, accounts, transactions, and delivery methods by using our safe online platform. If you need assistance making sure your administration is in line with standards throughout the world, we can help with that, too.

Restricted stock trading programs

Trust that you’re doing the right thing. SEC Regulation 10b5-1 allows for prearranged trading plans, and Galleon Wealth Management can help you create and implement such a plan so that you can buy and sell stocks even when your firm enforces a trading blackout.

Our services include everything from observing and executing transactions to submitting Rule 144 documentation and reporting transaction data back to the issuer.

Restricted stock transactions

Do you intend to sell your restricted or voting stock? By verifying the compliance of all open-market transactions with Rule 144, we will ensure the security of your transactions and those of your insiders and affiliates.

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